How to Store Your Roof Trusses

More often than not, we'll try to liaise with you to select a delivery day that coincides with the day the trusses will be installed (or as close as possible). However, we understand this is not always possible and you may have to store them on site for a while. Here is how to safely store them to avoid costly damage:

1. Place the trusses on level, raised wooden blocks to avoid moisture from the ground rotting the timber. We'd recommend having them stood up vertically, as this will take up less room on site and is how they'll sit once installed anyway.

2. Protect them with a tarpaulin or other form of shelter if rain, snow, etc will be an issue (which, let's be honest, will be in the UK). Trusses aren't treated to deal with the elements, so they should be kept as clean and dry as possible. 

3. Try to stick them out of the way. Clipping them with a trailer wheel or knocking them all over could mean costly replacements, as well as time lost, and no one wants that.

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