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What's an attic truss?

An Attic Truss is much the same as a standard roof truss in the sense that it's self-supporting and manufactured in a factory before delivery, but features a space within its structure for a habitable room. In this image you can see two designs—one with standard trusses and one with attic trusses—that demonstrates the difference. In the lower image, there is a large entrance to accommodate a stairwell or ladder, along with plenty of liveable space to create an additional room or storage area.


Attic trusses can be manufactured in a range of different styles, from the previous example that is a fairly typical shape, to this one that has a dormer extension to the one side.


Opting for attic trusses gives you another liveable space—what you choose to do with that space is up to you. It could be an additional bedroom, bathroom, storage room and so on. Property value is another added benefit and can see substantial gains long term considering the comparatively small addition in cost over standard trusses.