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Attic Truss: Up to 45° Pitch

Attic Truss: Up to 45° Pitch

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What's included?

All necessary truss clips and bracing timber are included in the price. Don't worry, we'll calculate the correct amount.

How many trusses do I need?

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Specifically designed to maximise loft space, attic trusses provide you with an area within their structure to construct an additional room such as an office, bedroom or storage space. Attic trusses do cost more than alternative trusses, however, homes with liveable attic spaces can be valued up to 20% higher than those without, earning you the difference back and more in the long run.

How does ordering online work?

1. Place your order on our website
2. We'll contact you to confirm your order before manufacturing
3. We'll deliver your products at a time and day that suits you

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What's an attic truss?

An attic truss is much the same as a standard roof truss in the sense that it's self-supporting and manufactured in a factory before delivery, but it features a space within its structure for a habitable room. In this image you can see two designs—one with standard trusses and one with attic trusses—that demonstrates the difference. In the lower image, there is a large entrance to accommodate a stairwell or ladder, along with plenty of liveable space to create an additional room or storage area.

Attic trusses can be manufactured in a range of different styles, from the previous example that is a fairly typical shape, to this one that has a dormer extension to the one side.

Opting for attic trusses gives you another liveable space—what you choose to do with that space is up to you. It could be an additional bedroom, bathroom, storage room and so on. Property value is another added benefit and can see substantial gains long term considering the comparatively small addition in cost over standard trusses.


How does ordering work?

After you've placed your order, we'll give you a ring to confirm your measurements, delivery location, delivery dates/times and any other essential pieces of information before we begin manufacturing your products. This gives you some time to let us know if anything needs changing before it's too late. Once you're fully happy and have given us the go-ahead, we'll begin manufacturing your trusses ready to be delivered for your specified date.

Can I supply more measurements?

What's the price including VAT?

What are your delivery options?

Are clips and bracing timber included?

Do I need a structural engineer?

Are your products treated?

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Standard Truss

Approx Span (Mm): Up To 1000, Approx Pitch (Degrees): Up To 25°

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Can I supply more measurements?

Yes—either use the 'order special instructions' box in the basket or send us an email with any specific requirements you may have.

What are your delivery options?

- Fast Track (5 Working Days)
- Standard (2-3 Weeks)

Both are free if you spend over £2000, or £150 if under £2000.

Are clips and bracing timber included?

Yes—we'll calculate the correct amount and include these in the price you pay above.

Do I need a structural engineer?

No, you don't need a structural engineer. We will design the roof truss and provide you with the necessary structural calculations for building control.

Are your products treated?

As standard, our products are not treated. Treatment is only necessary if you live in the red marked areas on this map. If you do require treatment, please get in touch.