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Step 6: Cutting

We run two Hundegger saws from Germany. These saws are truly incredible, allowing us to cut the timber for your project at an astonishing pace whilst achieving pin point accuracy. The saws are fed directly from our design office and will optimise the use of every length of timber for minimal waste.

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Step 7: Assembling (Trusses)

Once the timber components are cut, they move directly to one of our truss presses. Our skilled assemblers will set out your truss on the press with the assistance of a laser system—again, fed from our design office. The lasers minimise setup time whilst ensuring perfect accuracy every time. Once the truss is set, a jig is formed for multiple runs. Steel nail plates are then pressed into the timbers using 35 tonne presses to complete the roof truss.

Assembling (Posi-Joists)

Once the timber components are cut, they move to one of our posi presses. Our skilled assemblers will then set out the timbers of your posi joist on the press. The timbers are then clamped by the press to ensure they are perfectly straight and the correct depth is maintained. The steel webs are then accurately positioned in place and pressed, completing the posi-joist.

Trusses and posi-joists on a lorry

Step 8: Delivery

Once the manufactured components are ready, other items such as metalwork, bracing and any additional timber will be picked to complete your order. The project is then loaded onto one of our vehicles for delivery straight to your site.