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What is a Posi-Joist?

Put simply, a Posi-Joist is a system of timber and steel webbing that can be used for both floor and roof structures. Each design is unique to suit a chosen project and can be manufactured to a range of different widths, depths and lengths. We’ve drawn this fairly standard house type to demonstrate some of the benefits over traditional timber floors.

Posi-Joists are available in a range of depths to suit your requirements and can achieve greater clear spans than traditional joists, often reducing the need the need for internal load bearing walls. The options include:

PS8: 202mm
PS9: 225mm
PS10: 253mm
PS12: 304mm
PS14: 373mm
PS16: 421mm

Click here to view our Posi-Joist span table.

Posi-Joists are manufactured to suit the size of your building, saving time on site. The standard end detail is suitable for building into walls or can be used with joist hangers where required. The trimmable end detail allows for 130mm of trimming to either end of joists, useful for those projects where the building dimensions may have some variance.

An additional benefit is stairwells and other openings are easily formed. This stairwell opening uses just two joist hangers. The Posi-Joists connecting to the trimmer timber make use a top chord support detail, removing the requirement for joist hangers.

Traditional floor noggins are replaced with a single length of timber, known as strongback bracing, and is threaded through the joists and nailed to each timber post within the Posi-Joist.

When we design your floor, we will take care of all of these details and provide you with fully detailed easy to understand drawings to work from, as well as a fully interactive 3D model—this can be viewed below. Our designs are supplied free of charge with all quotations provided. For simple projects you can also try our online ordering.

For more information including guides, brochures and technical info, view our downloads page here.

How is a Posi-Joist Made?