This behemoth swallowed up 50 attic trusses, 61 mono trusses, 67 lattice trusses and 47 hip trusses! The aim was to extend this religious building upwards for more usable space without increasing the footprint in the densely packed area. Have a closer look below and you'll see just how many elements there are to this design.


A customer recently approached us to design a fairly out of the ordinary domed roof on a property they're currently renovating in central London. The trusses will be positioned over a new bedroom wing and will form quite a prominent external feature. Although we're pretty good at the 'bread and butter' projects, we've also got you covered when it comes to difficult, intricate ideas.


This customer approached us with a rough plan, but gave us the creative freedom to adapt it to how we saw fit. This allowed us to produce a design that was not only more efficient to produce (and consequently better value!), but allowed them to add a few more features that previously weren't possible. One of which was raising the ceiling height above the garage (pictured left on the model below) to accommodate a climbing wall. If you're building your dream home, you might as well add some toys!