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Gable Ladders

Gable Ladders

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What's included?

All necessary truss clips and bracing timber are included in the price. Don't worry, we'll calculate the correct amount.

How many trusses do I need?

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The standard truss or fink truss is of the most commonly used roof trusses thanks to its simple, lightweight and cost-effective nature. Because roof trusses are manufactured in a controlled environment using specialist equipment, they require 40% fewer materials than traditional rafters and generate little to no wastage—this results in better value for both you, the customer, and us, the manufacturer. In addition to this, they can span greater distances than rafters, are quicker to install, lighter to move around site and can be customised to virtually any specification or design. Whatever your idea is, we can probably bring it to life.

How does ordering online work?

1. Place your order on our website
2. We'll contact you to confirm your order before manufacturing
3. We'll deliver your products at a time and day that suits you

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Typical Construction Methods

Roof Trusses are available in a huge variety of configurations to suit your project. These can include attic trusses to provide additional living space, raised tie trusses, scissor trusses and more. Here we have drawn up a fairly standard house type with projections to the front and rear and a detached garage to demonstrate some of the common roof truss construction methods and explain some of the terminology.

Straight Run of Standard Trusses

We've taken the garage from the image above as an example of what we would refer to as a straight run of standard trusses with gable ends. The gable ladders are required if the roof has an overhang with barge boards. The roof trusses would normally be spaced at 600mm centres. These are very easy to order – all we require is the span over the wallplates, pitch of the roof and the length of the building or number of trusses you require. This type of roof can be easily ordered online here.

Front Projection

The front projection of the house features a multiple girder truss, usually 2 or 3 ply, which supports the main run of trusses behind using hangers. The valley behind (highlighted in red) is constructed on top of the main roof using valley trusses, also known as diminishing trusses.

Rear Projection with Hip End

The rear projection of the house makes use of the same girder truss and valley trusses as the front projection, but also features a hip end. The hip end features what is known as hip girder truss to support the hip end. This in turn supports the hip rafters and a series of mono-trusses.

Truss Layout

When we design your roof, we will take care of all of these details and provide you with fully detailed easy to understand drawings to work from, as well as a fully interactive 3D model. Our designs are supplied free of charge with all quotations provided.


How does ordering work?

After you've placed your order, we'll give you a ring to confirm your measurements, delivery location, delivery dates/times and any other essential pieces of information before we begin manufacturing your products. This gives you some time to let us know if anything needs changing before it's too late. Once you're fully happy and have given us the go-ahead, we'll begin manufacturing your trusses ready to be delivered for your specified date.

Can I supply more measurements?

Yes—either use the 'order special instructions' box in the basket or send us an email with any specific requirements you may have along with your name and/or order number.

What are your delivery options?

- Fast Track (5 Working Days)
- Standard (2-3 Weeks)

Both are free if you spend over £2000, or £150 if under £2000.

Are clips and bracing timber included?

Yes—we'll calculate the correct amount and include these in the price you pay above.

Do I need a structural engineer?

No, you don't need a structural engineer. We will design the roof truss and provide you with the necessary structural calculations for building control.

Are your products treated?

As standard, our products are not treated. Treatment is only necessary if you live in the red marked areas on this map. If you do require treatment, please get in touch.