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If you're planning to build a garage to store your next automotive project, upsize your current garage to modern car sizes or just a place to stash all your garden paraphernalia, we can supply standard, attic or raised tie trusses to suit.

Cost Effective

For a single car garage that measures 3m wide by 6m long (a fairly typical size), we'd need 12 standard trusses, equating to a cost of approx £275 excluding VAT and delivery. For a double garage that is 6m x 6m, you'd pay approx £585 excluding VAT and delivery.

Build Above the Garage Too

Opt for attic trusses and you'll be able to utilise the space above your garage too. Use it as an office, living room, additional bedroom or storage area; whatever you fancy. You're unlikely to get a habitable room above a single garage, so we'll focus on a double garage for our example. We'd use 11 attic trusses at a 45° pitch, 6m span and a room width of 3.9m, resulting in a total cost of £2150 excluding VAT and delivery.

Let us take care of it

If you're not sure where to start, you can give us a ring or drop us an email and our helpful team will take you through the process. We'll even provide our legendary design service at no cost if you decide not to go through with it.

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If you know what you need, you can order straight from our website with no waiting around. If you need your trusses quickly, we can do that too with delivery in just 5 working days. Shop our range of trusses below.