About Us

Based in the heart of Herefordshire, we specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke Roof Trusses, Attic Trusses, Posi-Joists and more for home owners, builders, developers and builder merchants.


The company was formed in 2007 and originally concentrated on the design and manufacture of timber frame housing. The initial investment was extremely modest—the company operated from a couple of rented former grain stores in Ivington, near Leominster. Machinery stretched to some chop saws and a range of hand tools. Employees were scarce; Richard, our director, ran the office undertaking all roles, from estimating and designing to admin, while two employees looked after the manufacturing side. Work over the first few years was reasonably consistent, especially considering the financial crisis. Any profits were reinvested and by 2010 turnover had doubled. The company now had a couple of office employees and around six employees on the manufacturing side.

Until 2010, we had been using an outside firm to manufacture metal web joists and roof trusses for our timber frame kits—we wanted to bring this in house. 2010 presented a couple of opportunities with the unfortunate failure of some large firms within the industry, allowing us to purchase machinery to manufacture metal web joists. This was an instant success; now we were able to manufacture these for our own projects and also manufacture these for others. With a little promotion of the new product offering, sales of these soon overtook those of timber frame. We were also able to push this product through the various networks of builder merchants. It was not long before a preferred supplier agreement was in place with Travis Perkins as well as other merchants such as County Building Supplies, Alsford Timber, MKM Building Supplies and Chandlers. With the success of metal web joists, our customers were soon asking if we also manufactured roof trusses. With a little luck we managed to source the manufacturing equipment from another failed business. We were now a metal web joist and roof truss manufacturer with the timber frame part of the business becoming a sideline.

By 2013, we had five office employees and ten on the manufacturing side. We acquired an operator’s licence, a small fleet of vehicles and a couple of drivers to handle deliveries—everything was now in our control. Although the former grain stores had served us well, we were at capacity and further growth would not be possible. In 2014, we moved to larger rented premises on Rotherwas Industrial Estate and immediately sought to upgrade the manufacturing equipment with the purchase of the latest equipment available within the industry. The move proved to be beneficial with increased efficiently and a consistently full order book. The turnover rose steadily as we invested further in additional equipment and staff. In 2019, we bought the premises from the landlord allowing further alterations to meet the needs of the business.

In 2023, the company made another leap forward and secured a custom-made factory, complete with modern office spaces, a yard and a large customer & staff car park, allowing future progression and expansion. The building offers panoramic views over one of Herefordshire's many hillforts, providing a perfect space for customers to visit and discuss their future projects. We now employ around 25 staff members, spread fairly evenly between manufacturing and office, and are looking to expand this further.