What is a Posi-Joist?

Put simply, a Posi-Joist is a system of timber and steel webbing that can be used for both floor and roof structures. Each design is unique to suit a chosen project and can be manufactured to a range of different widths, depths and lengths. The below image is a good example of the structure achieved by this mixture of materials. 


Posi-joists stacked up ready to be delivered


What are their benefits?

Service Routing: One of the main benefits to a Posi-Joist over a solid joist (one large piece of timber) is the ability to easily route pipework, ducting and cabling through the open structure. With solid joists, an installer would have to drill or cut areas of the joist to route services, potentially limiting their strength and performance. Posi-Joists allow, in theory, an infinite amount of paraphernalia to be installed through the joists without any need for modification.

Strength: Thanks to their increased strength and stiffness, posi-Joists can span further distances than by using timber alone, potentially eliminating the need for load-bearing walls or steel beams. This in turn offers increased design freedom and modification further down the line. 

Weight: The need for less material to achieve the same (or increased) strength means they're far lighter than solid alternatives and can be installed quickly and without crane hire. 

No shrinkage: Posi-Joists don't suffer from shrinkage or distortion; a typical cause for a squeaky floor. 

Quality: Posi-Joists are designed in specialist software and produced under factory-controlled conditions, ensuring an unmatched level of quality every time. We're able to provide a 3D render to visualise the finished product before the construction process has begun. 


Posi Joists in the factory

Want to know how Posi-Joists are made? Watch our YouTube video here.

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