Why Aren't Scissor Trusses Used More?

The lesser-spotted scissor truss is a rare sighted creature and is outnumbered heavily by its more traditional counterparts—the standard truss and attic truss—but why? 

First things first, what is the point of a scissor truss? The purpose of it is to provide a vaulted (or cathedral) ceiling. Practically, this offers increased headroom for the taller amongst us, but also adds character and interest to a room that would traditionally just be a rectangle. If you fancy building something a little different, having a vaulted ceiling like the below is a bit of a talking point. As well as this, it removes dead space from the attic (where, let's be honest, most of us just use to store useless paraphernalia), and adds it into a room that you actually use. 

a vaulted ceiling above a kitchen

Photo credit: kbbonline.com

If you're waiting for a 'but', there isn't one really. The only major downside is that the attic isn't very useful anymore, but I'm sure we can find somewhere else to store stuff. Unlike an attic truss that is around four times as expensive as a standard truss, scissor trusses aren't too dissimilar cost wise, making them accessible to almost everyone. 

So, to answer the question, we have no idea. Maybe they're just not to most people's taste, or they're not aware they even exist. 

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