What is an Attic Truss?

We're specialists in the manufacture of attic or “room in roof” trusses and have a wealth of truss design experience in this area to assist with your project.

A 'standard' roof truss will feature a construction similar to the below, whereby its sole purpose is to support the roofing materials. They're strong and cost-effective, but provide next to no liveable space due to the internal framing design. 


A traditional roof truss without liveable space


An attic truss is specifically designed to maximise loft space, giving you an area to store belongings or to construct an additional room. In the below example, the structure has been altered to leave a convenient space in which a bedroom, office or storage area could be implemented. 


An attic truss with a habitable space inside


The downside to attic trusses is that they do cost more to manufacture, however, this cost would be subsided by the fact that you're getting an additional room.

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