How Much Do Roof Trusses Cost?

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The quick answer...

The cost of your truss will depend largely on the type that you require, so it can range from as little as £10 ex VAT for a standard truss spanning 1 metre, to nearing £400 ex VAT for an attic truss spanning 10 metres. There are companies who will charge into the thousands for oak trusses that are designed to act as a feature in a large home, however, for this blog we’ll focus on what is most often supplied—products made from softwood.

roof trusses in a factory

Why it varies:

There are a few key variables that dictate the bulk of the cost: the truss type, the span (how wide the trusses need to be), the pitch (effectively how tall they’ll be) and obviously the quantity.

Truss type: A standard (or fink) truss is relatively simple to construct and uses less timber than some other methods thanks to its strong ‘w’ shaped web, therefore, it’s cheaper than, for example, an attic truss. An attic truss has a big ol’ gap in the middle to allow for a habitable space. To solve this, the top chords need to be significantly thicker to account for the lack of webbing. This uses more timber, this bumps the cost up.

A standard and attic truss illustration

The wider and steeper the truss, the more timber is required and the higher the cost. Simples.

Quantity: More=more. You get it.

I have a 3 bedroom detached house, how much will it cost?

This is one of the most common home types, so let’s price up how much it might cost to manufacture and deliver standard trusses for this example. The average UK 3-bed home would amount to approximately £1500 excluding VAT and delivery. For the same job using attic trusses, you'd pay roughly 3x the price, so £4500 excluding VAT and delivery. The example we’ve given above would be for a fairly basic rectangular home, however, the attic truss variety would have a few projections to allow some light into this upper space. 

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