Building an Eco Home? Choose Posi-Joists

There are a number of reasons you may want to build a more sustainable, efficient home, including lower running costs, improved air quality, higher resale values and a lower environmental impact. Choosing Posi-Joists can drastically improve all of these factors which, let's be honest, you'd be silly to miss out on!

Lower Running Costs

Posi-Joists feature an open structure that allows you to use more insulation than with solid joist alternatives, leading to a warmer, more efficient and subsequently cheaper home to run. 

Improved Air Quality

With all of this lovely insulation comes a need for ventilation. This is achieved by using an MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery) system. This system requires pipes and ducts to be routed through the floor of your home, and with Posi-Joists this is achieved simply and easily via the open webbed design. 

Higher Resale Values

Homes that feature a high EPC rating and a low U-value will often demand a premium over those without (depending on various other factors, of course). More buyers are becoming aware of their environmental impact, so giving them a reason not to look elsewhere makes perfect sense!

Lower Environmental Impact

Speaking of environmental impact, Posi-Joists are made quickly, efficiently and with very little waste. This is because they're designed in specialist software that optimises the design to reduce unnecessary timber usage, and can even tell the machines in the factory to save offcuts for other jobs. On top of this, they can afford to be a shallower depth than a solid joist thanks to their superior stiffness and overall strength, which again, uses fewer materials. 

In conclusion, Posi-Joists and new, environmentally conscious, efficient homes go together perfectly. Apart from the initial cost which is admittedly higher, there is no reason not to opt for them. 


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